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PastMidnight, the musical group, was officially formed in December of 2000 - the result of the collaboration between two very good friends with mutual musical interests. Their long-standing friendship is echoed in the quality of their songs, through their love and dedication to their art.
With Pete Held on Guitars, and Quentin McKay on Vocals, their musical roster grew to more than 15 compositions written by the 2 founders of the band. In August of 2001, they welcomed the third member, Wyonna Aplin on Bass, and shortly thereafter Ron Wickberg joined the group on Drums. A group of 4 good friends, PastMidnight continued to write music as a tight-knit band, with each member contributing their own styles and influences.

It was in August 2002 the band performed their debut gig at The Canadian Brewhouse. Due to the overwhelming success of their first appearance, the band followed up with a return performance in November 2002.

After two great live performances, it was to the dismay of the band when Ron Wickberg stepped down as the drummer because of other commitments. In October 2003, Megan Kumpula joined the others to give PastMidnight a fresh sound behind the skins. Since the new beat-keeper joined the group, PastMidnight has performed to frenzied crowds at packed venues such as The Nest, Red's, Urban Lounge, The Fox, and Cook County Saloon, and continues to book Gigs wherever great live music is performed.

PastMidnight believes that making great music requires great people, with great ideas and genuine love for music. So far, they believe they have acquired the right ingredients to make a delicious helping of ear-candy.

The goal of PastMidnight is to make music that combines the popular elements of many genres of music and mix them into a captivating style of their own. The guitars may be played with intricacy and melodically flowing progressions, or just hammered on without remorse. The vocals stretch from intimate whispers to exciting, haunting harmonies resulting in music that can be angry, uplifting and even orgasmic. Their music is made simply for the love of creating music full of passion and feeling: PastMidnight is here to share with you, the kind of music that will stand the test of time.

Does PastMidnight sound like anyone else you've heard? Although you may hear reflections of some of their more prominent musical influences such as Zeppelin and Floyd, PastMidnight really has a style unto their own. PastMidnight's tunes span a broad range of musical genres, allowing listening experiences that break away from simple categorization of style. Using today's modern, fully-digital recording technologies, PastMidnight's songs will take you through styles from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's. From the kickin' blues-rock tune Sweater, to pounding head-bangers like Discontent, Eighty, Judge, Wreck, and Strong and Sweet, to epic rock & roll adventures the likes of Dark Majesty, OneLight & PastMidnight, to feel-good tunes like Summertime, Fine Fine Day & Put You On, wanton love & heartbreak tunes such as I Beg of You, River, Running, Move On & Helpless, reflective statements like People, Crossroads & Dad, and interesting takes on cover tunes such as Knights in White Satin, there aren't many bases that haven't already been covered by PastMidnight.

As an added element, since PastMidnight's tunes are composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced wholly and solely by the members of the band alone, the resulting music is genuine, raw, untainted and honest. As the final song from their CD plays, it will be difficult to say that there isn't something from PastMidnight that you will not enjoy.

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