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Pete Held

Guitars (lead and rhythm)
Backing Vocals
Nearly all of the musical writing

Attributes: 6'3", 210 lbs. brown eyed, dark hair

Fav. Color: plaid or sometimes red or blue or ... definitely not yellow
Fav. Number: nil
Fav. Music: Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin... anything that induces a trance.
Fav. Movies: The Matrix, Shrek
Fav. Shows: Who's Line
Fav. Others: who knows
Marital Status: CL


Born in 1969, Pete's greatest influences were the power bands of the Seventies. Given a stack of albums at the age of six, he quickly fell in love with guitar rock and all of it's greatest legends and heroes.

Pete didn't pick up a guitar until he was 16, and within 6 months he was playing in a small town rock band called Knight Watch, doing covers of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and many others. Although the band was not technically the best around, they were always invited back to gigs because of their onstage energy. Pyro, fire breathing, smashing guitars, and a singer that couldn't be embarrassed kept the band in regular gigs for the next year. As the band tried to move into the studio however, the lack of technical discipline showed greatly in the recorded product and was never released to the public. With this great disappointment, the band dissolved and the members each went their own way.

Over the next year or two, Pete delved deeper and deeper into more technical playing. Trying to overcome what was the downfall of his first band, his influences grew to classical and alternate tuned music. In 1991 he moved from small town Ontario to Edmonton, Alberta.

During a solo session practice in the summer of '92 in his basement apartment, Pete looked up to find he was being observed. The person in his window was Quentin McKay, and the chance meeting turned into a long time friendship and partnership between the two.

The first music they created together was with the band Neon Scream. A band Quentin was already involved with, they played mostly covers with a small mix of originals. Although the band had already recorded a tape of some originals, it was tainted by a bad producer that didn't know how to record rock music. The band planned to record a new EP, and Quentin and Pete delved into music composition. After weekends of tireless work, they presented their songs to the band, but were disappointed to find that the band wasn't interested in the music and had no intention of recording or playing the songs Pete had been involved in. Now on the opposite end of the scale, Pete's music was called too technically difficult to play live. Eventually this led to stress with the members of the band and Pete was "fired".

Being greatly disappointed, Pete put down his guitar for almost two years. Occasionally discussing with Quentin recapturing some of the magic of their first writing experience, but never actually doing. After a couple of years Pete did pick up the guitar again and started writing for himself, but with his confidence somewhat shaken, he found it almost impossible to play in front of anyone but a select few. This quiet interlude continued until the winter of 2000.

Having developed a new love for music when introduced to digital 5.1 sound, it was time to take the introspection of the last few years and turn it into something great. With renewed confidence and vigor, the first song of the new millennium for the singer/songwriters was "The River". This simple yet compelling song awoke the fire in the duo and they haven't stopped recording since.

"I'm at the best place I've ever been for song writing. If I could describe it, I would call it Pink Floyd meets Led Zeppelin meets Garth Brooks, but NOT. It has all the elements but is 100% original. I just hope the world gets to hear it and enjoy it." - Pete Held, April 2001 -