PastMidnight Time (MST): 2018-11-16 19:18
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Megan Kumpula


Attributes: 5'6", green/blue eyes, naturally ash blonde

Fav. Color: Red
Fav. Music: Foo Fighters, Nickelback, Sheryl Crow, Jon Mayor, Nirvana, Matchbox 20, Placebo, Vervpipe, Evanescence, Wallflowers, Madonna... anything that sounds good
Fav. Movies: School of Rock, Footloose, Charlie's Angels 2, Demolition Man
Fav. Shows: Friends, Simpsons, X-files, Just for Laughs, Paradise Hotel
Fav. Others: photography, guitar, basketball, rollerblading, skiing, golfing, pool, dancing, going to movies, chillin' with friends

Quotes: "Association brings assimilation." "True friends stab you in the front."

Megan has always loved music, as a child she was put in ballet and jazz for a few years and that developed her love of dancing for fun and good coordination skills. She didn't play any instruments growing up except the recorder in elementary.

After watching her favorite bands on TV she wanted to start playing the guitar or drums. Megan always had beats in her head and sometimes even pretended to play drums with whatever she could find. You will always see her fingers or feet taping away if she hears music. When she got into high school she had the opportunity to take a guitar course. This then introduced her to new kinds of music such as rock, jazz, country, and pop.

In her second year of guitar she asked her teacher if she could try playing the drums for a song or two. He told her she could come at lunch and see what she could do. He told her to just get the feel of the drums first and she immediately got the hang of it and could keep a steady rhythm. Impressed, he asked her to try and play drums for the song "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals. In only a few minutes she could generally play the whole song. That was the very first song Megan ever played. After that she played that song for the remaining of the course. The semester after, her and the other guitar classes went on tour and Megan had the opportunity to play in front of large numbers of people. Megan's teacher and many others told her that she has natural talent.

Just a few months later Megan decided to buy her own drum set which she played non-stop ever since, practicing to get better and playing with garage bands. About 5 months later her cousin, Ian Weiting, who helps write some of PastMidnight's songs, introduced Megan to the band. Looking for a new drummer, they gave Megan an audition to see what she could do. After one jam session they were impressed and decided to make her the new drummer of PastMidnight.

"I was a drummer before i got my first set up drums!!!" - Megan Kumpula, October 2003 -