PastMidnight Time (MST): 2018-10-18 13:13
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Ron Wickberg


Attributes: 6'4", bluish-green eyes

Fav. Color: Gun-metal grey
Fav. Music: Metallica, Ozzy, Marcy's Playground, Black Crows, Kid Rock, Oldies
Fav. Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Last Boy Scout, Dusk til Dawn, Smokie & the Bandit
Fav. Shows: Who's Line is it anyway?
Fav. Others: Camping, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Hiking, Social Drinking & Smoking, Hanging with friends


Ron doesn't have much of a history as a drummer. Around age 15/16, he bought a set of drums off a friend of his. After about 3 months of undisciplined rough playing, his parents, on the verge of a breakdown, encouraged Ron to sell them. Now 15 years later, with the motivation of the band, and having a good drum instructor, he is slowly beginning not to suck.

"My goal for now is just to practice and have fun, plus they say 'Only the Good die young' so I figure I'll have a lot of time to practice." - Ron Wickberg, March 2002 -